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Are you a book clubber, a starving college student, a parent drowning in children's books, a bookstore lover, or a bookworm? Bookal is a space for bringing together people around the love of paper books, community, and meaningful conversation outside the clutter and noise of your other social channels. 

We’ve built Bookal for you.

Textbooks should make students richer, not poorer. We have made buying and selling college textbooks simple and fair.

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Manage and organize your book club. Discover new books for your club and borrow books from friends (and keep track of who has your books!)

Scan in and show off your home library and see what your friends are reading. Connect with your local bookstore and easily buy and sell books locally.

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Find the book you want within 5 miles of you. Buy from other users or be connected with your local bookstore. Your book is quickly dropped off at your front door. Easily sell your unwanted books and make room on your shelves for more.

We’ve made it easy, cheap, and quick.

Clean, simple, and easy.

We built an app that makes buying and selling books and engaging in your literary community as simple, fun, and rewarding as possible. Connect socially with other readers through the uncluttered social network. Buy, sell and discover books on our convenient and transparent hyperlocal marketplace.

Paper books and indie bookstores are back.

We are ushering in their return.

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